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At Hilton Wiener Law, our focus is on investors — we handle problems with your stock broker or a bad real estate investment. With a background in fighting banks and brokerage firms, our two main areas of expertise are securities arbitration law and strategic default.

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Securities Fraud:
Taken Advantage of By Your Stock Broker?

The firm’s primary area of focus is working with investors to recover losses caused by securities fraud which may be the result of churning, elderly abuse, unsuitable investments and other types of stockbroker misconduct.

Stop the Bleeding:
Is Strategic Default Right For Me?

Our additional area of focus is representing real estate investors who need to stop the bleeding. If your investment property is underwater, you can’t simply “walk away” as you may risk a substantial deficiency judgement. We can also help eliminate the tax liability when you receive the feared 1099-C for forgiveness of debt.

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